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Emergency Flood Cleanup Services in Reno

Water Restoration Restoration in Reno

One of the most crucial services is water cleanup and restoration. During floods, storms, and other calamities, homes seem to be damaged by water. More common occurrences are burst pipes and leaking roofs. These situations all end one way: with water in your home or business premises.

This water needs to be cleared out as soon as possible. But do you know why?

Reasons to Get Water Damage Services

There are various reasons why emergency flood cleanup services are important. Some are:

This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to considering water remediation services. You also have to consider the extensive damage to your furniture and other furnishings.

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Crucial Steps

Our flood damage restoration service follows a very strict process. This is absolutely necessary if we are to assure our customers that their homes or businesses are safe to be occupied again. Each of these steps is crucial. The steps include:

Inspection and Assessment

The first step once we are at your home is to inspect the extent of the damage. Before we start any house water damage repair, we must know what we are up against. This step helps us to determine which methods we are going to use to clean your home. It also determines the tools that are to be used in the process.

Categorize and Classify

The second step is to categorize and classify. Water is categorized into three: clean, grey and unsanitary water. These categories help to identify the water that has led to damage. Clean water comes from broken pipes and faucets. On the other hand, grey water is that which has been used. A good example is a soapy water from dishwashers. Finally, unsanitary water comes from sewage, leaking toilets with feces and floods to name a few.

Before administering any emergency water damage service, we also have to classify the water damage. This is done with reference to four classes: a slow rate of evaporation, fast rate of evaporation, the fastest rate of evaporation and specialty drying services. These classes are determined by the type of material that the water is in contact with.

Extraction and Dehumidifying

This step is straightforward. We remove water from carpet, other surfaces and your home in general. We also remove all the items that have been damaged beyond repair. After this, we dehumidify the premises to ensure that you are free of any remedial moisture.

Restoration vs Mitigation

Restoration and mitigation refer to two separate services provided after a water incident occurs. While water mitigation focuses on prevention, water restoration deals with damage.

Water mitigation services are used to prevent further damage from occurring in the first place. A water mitigation company will focus on removing your belongings from the water source and preventing future damage.

Water damage restoration is performed after the damage has already occurred and is usually an emergency service. During the restoration, specialists repair or replace materials that were destroyed, and return the home to its former state. 

Commercial Vs Residential Services

Our water damage flood restoration services are suitable for both commercial and residential areas. Although the process is the same, it is tailored to suit your particular home or building. 

Once we have carried out the initial inspection, we can explain every step we are going to take and how much it will cost you. Additionally, we cater to all categories of water damage restoration in reno

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reputable water restoration companies will work with homeowners and occupants to ensure they are informed throughout the process. They will also advise on whether it’s safe to stay in the home during the process or if alternate living arrangements are recommended.

The stage and category of the damage will determine whether occupants will have to vacate their residence during the cleanup.

Water restoration typically takes between 72 hours and two weeks to complete.

Water damage restoration services can vary widely in their costs. On the lower end, water damage remediation can cost around $450, while larger water damage incidents involving black water sewage backups can approach up to $7,000 or more to fix.

Other situations can cost much more, such as emergency response services when there’s been an electrical fire and water has been used to put it out. If there is fire and smoke damage, costs can increase dramatically.

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